Tam's story

Tam had worked for nearly 20 years

He and his family had lived a fairly normal life, until his marriage broke down due to his partner’s addiction to painkillers. This left Tam the sole provider for his children. Unable to cope, and being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, he left work and became dependent on welfare benefits.

Tam applied to ScotsCare for a household grant and during the assessment with a caseworker, Tam happened to discuss his mental health, explained that he was currently on medication, and had been receiving counselling.

Though, what concerned him most, was not having the enough money to allow his children to participate in all the clubs and hobbies they wanted to do; as a father he wanted to give them every opportunity he could. He didn’t want them to miss out, so he felt he was failing them in some way. His youngest daughter wanted to take part in an upcoming school trip, but he knew he couldn’t afford it and this had been worrying him.

The caseworker knew there was an easy solution, as ScotsCare offers children’s activity grants that enable children to take part in all sorts of after school and weekend activities. The best news was that the grant could also be used to pay for school trips, which often are very expensive.

Tam was delighted and felt a weight had been lifted from his shoulders now that his daughter could take part and said ‘I’m so glad to have found ScotsCare. The support for my family and myself has been amazing.’