Michael's Story

Befriender volunteer Michael, decided he want to give back something to his local community. He heard about ScotsCare through a friend, who thought he might make a good Blether Buddy, as he liked to chat.

Though he initially thought he’d be nervous, this quickly passed, as he genuinely likes to chat, listen and interact with others. The busy hustle and bustle of London can often make it a lonely city for some, which was a major factor in Michael wanting to become a Befriender, so he could help reduce such loneliness and connect with others.

About his befriending role, Michael says “I gainedconfidence and also a better perspective on things. I have learned to sit and listen and to connect with another person, who just because they are quiet does not mean they have nothing to say.”

On being a Befriender, Michael explains that it has given him a chance to connect with someone outside of his normal social circle. Identifying not just the positive impacts on himself, Michael can also see confidence growing within his Befriendee too. They are slowly working towards meeting outside, which might feel small to some, but was previously a challenge to his Befriendee, who would have found it uncomfortable to try. Small steps lead to bigger ones.

Michael says “My Befriendee is older than me and has a wealth of life experience to share and also a great, Scottish sense of humour! We laugh a lot which is brill!”

To anyone interested in becoming a Befriender and meeting someone new, Michael says “It is an easy, very meaningful way to help someone and is immensely rewarding and fun!”

Interested in becoming a befriender or want to find out more about getting a Blether Buddy for you, contact is on 0800 652  2989 or email info@scotscare.com.