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on 23/10/19

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The Choir: Through one members eyes

We chatted to Catherine, who sings in the choir on a regular basis. Catherine is also a volunteer who has helped us out with many a task.

The Choir: Through one members eyes

Posted in ScotsCare news on 23/10/19

Can you tell us about how you joined the choir and what it gives to you?

I joined up with the choir when I saw an article in this newsletter announcing the choir was being created. I wanted to enjoy meeting new people, enjoy singing and have more social contact. I like that it’s given me a sense of ‘belonging’, to a group with the company of friendly people, along with having a sing song.

What do you think the choir does for its members?

I think it helps bring their personalities out, an all-round feel good factor is prevalent within the choir. For myself, believe I am in a ‘better place’ in my life now, since joining, it has definitely had such a positive impact.

Has ScotsCare helped you in apart from the choir?

Yes, unfortunately I had family bereavements, close to each other and I desperately missed the company of loved ones. Shortly after, ScotsCare assigned me a wonderful Blether Buddy, its lovely to have a blether about this and that. Bottom line….I am so very grateful to ScotsCare, my Blether Buddy and most importantly the choir for being there for me….thank you.

The choir is looking for new members of all abilities, with no audition necessary. For more information, please contact Una at: or call 0800 652 2989