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on 14/04/20

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Looking the part

We’d like to make our female clients aware of the great organisation Smart Works and how it could help them.

Looking the part

Posted in ScotsCare news on 14/04/20

Smart Works uses the power of clothes and confidence to allow women to be their best at a crucial moment in their life, giving them the confidence, the self-belief and the practical tools required to succeed in job interviews and transform their lives.

Each client is offered a personalised styling session with two Smart Works volunteer stylists, receiving a complete outfit of high quality clothes and accessories, which are free to keep! Their aim is to instil confidence in every client they assist and give advice on how best to ace an interview.

Women are referred from organisations such as job centres, work programmes, prisons, care homes, homeless shelters and charities, like ScotsCare.

For more information about Smart Works, call 020 7288 1770, email or visit