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on 12/10/18

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Linda's story - Pursuit of happiness

Linda knows about hard work, having spent 10 years as a support worker looking after elderly people with disabilities. Every setback only served to increase her determination to work in mental health and to help others that can’t help themselves

Linda's story - Pursuit of happiness

Posted in ScotsCare news on 12/10/18

Linda said, “Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time, whether in a positive or negative
way. We’re all just people.”

Mental health has affected her family directly with her boys requiring special assistance for ADHD
and vertigo, all of which added pressure to Linda’s schedule and finances.

Linda contacted ScotsCare, the charity that supports Scots and their families in and around Greater London, to see if she could get assistance to help her pursue her goals.

After evaluating Linda’s needs the charity offered an education grant for her studies, a household grant and various children’s activity grants including swimming, badminton and tennis.

“They’ve helped massively, mainly so I can relax and enjoy being a mum and a student,” Linda said. “It’s
something I could never thank them enough for.”

Linda plans to work with both adult and adolescent prisoners with mental health issues. To her, it doesn’t matter how big or small the crime.

“I always wanted to do this career and I want to teach my kids that you’ve got to work for everything in life, no matter how long it takes”, Linda says.

You can read Linda’s full story at https://scotscare. com/stories/lindas-story/. To find out more about
our education grants email