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on 19/11/18

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Giving something back

Kim appreciates ScotsCare’s work, particularly that we provide companionship and support, something Kim can empathise with, having benefitted from the charity herself for many years.

Giving something back

Posted in ScotsCare news on 19/11/18

Kim leads a group of passionate walkers made up of ScotsCare volunteers and clients in Regent’s Park Walk for Health on Wednesdays in warm weather.

A decade ago Kim had struggled to pay her bills while juggling the role of a single mother of five. She never wanted to ask for help, but saw a ScotsCare leaflet at her GP surgery and learned that she qualified for support from our charity as she is a London resident whose father is from Scotland.

She contacted our charity and spoke with client support worker Fiona who put her to ease immediately, which made all the difference, Kim says. “Fiona was kind and helpful. I wish I’d heard of these people before when I was really under – when I had four kids and didn’t know where to turn.”

Getting help with grants, Kim was able to buy a new washing machine and cooker when hers broke down. Later we helped with costs for her four sons’ education when their scholarships didn’t cover all they needed. Kim and her children also went on the funded family trips to the seaside. “I cannot praise ScotsCare enough,” Kim said. “What they do is utterly amazing”, Kim says.

Besides leading ScotsCare’s group in the Regent’s Park walks Kim volunteers on other events for us. “A woman on the ScotsCare walk said it was the highlight of her week. She didn’t leave the house except for the walk and said she looked forward to it because she knew we cared about her. It all makes it worthwhile,” Kim says.

Kim has nurtured a giving capacity at home with her children.  She says, “They understand how much ScotsCare has helped. They’re sensitive to what we’ve got, and they’re kind, giving and conscious people. Even more than clever, I want them to be humanitarians. I want to teach them that no matter what you’re going through, or how poor you are, there’s always someone worse off.”

ScotsCare supports many families like Kim’s in the Greater London area. Besides grants, we provide services such as advocacy, counselling, job search and training, volunteering opportunities and social activities.

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