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on 01/11/18

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Befriending: Doug and Billy's story

Doug (right) and Billy were matched through ScotsCare’s Blether Buddy Befriending Service back in April 2018 and have since met weekly for a wee blether at Billy’s home or for an outing in his local community.  Doug tells us:

Befriending: Doug and Billy's story

Posted in ScotsCare news on 01/11/18

 “At six feet five Billy comes from a long line of tall Lothian men. He and his father were both towering half backs in amateur football. In England since his twenties, working at King’s Cross station, Billy still likes his football, 50 years on. Some of our time involves debating the relative merits of Celtic and Aberdeen. Appropriately enough, he’s head and shoulders above me on that score too – but he’s fair-minded and we share a dislike of bigotry in the game.

We have a lot in common, two Scots who moved South and learned to love London. We’re both big Laurel and Hardy fans, though we look more like Little and Large when we’re out and about. A rainy day is a little less grey for seeing Stan and Ollie on YouTube trying yet again to push that piano up a flight of stairs. Billy sometimes gets a bit flustered by officialdom on health and welfare issues but between us we’ve navigated some small victories. Which is more, he reminds me, than you can say about Aberdeen at the minute. – Doug Carnegie (Blether Buddy volunteer)