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on 14/04/20

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A message from our Volunteering Coordinator Louise

In relation to volunteering, I’m often asked, “but why would anyone want to work for free?”

A message from our Volunteering Coordinator Louise

Posted in ScotsCare news on 14/04/20

I firmly believe the benefits of volunteering are numerous and in some cases even priceless. I wouldn’t be doing the job I do, if I hadn’t volunteered back ‘in the day’. At the time, I was a single mum of two young children who, having separated from my husband and business partner, had absolutely no idea of what job I would do next until someone suggested I volunteer. I pictured myself working in a charity shop or hospital cafe so was slightly hesitant, but after some searching I secured a weekly 4-hour placement in a local charity.

For me, volunteering was a great stepping stone back into work, I gained confidence, developed skills, secured references for paid work and soon realised that it also looked great on my CV.

Many volunteers here at ScotsCare work full time or are now retired, so for them it’s about keeping busy, meeting people, utilising skills or simply helping others. Whatever the motive I’d recommend giving it a go, there’s not much to lose but so much to gain and you can always start by doing just a few hours a week.

If you’re interested in volunteering with ScotsCare, contact us to find out more about the roles we have on offer, either email or call us on 0800 652 2989.