The Volunteers Boat Party 2022

On Friday 29th July over 35 ScotsCare volunteers were able to attend the Volunteers Boat Party where they were lucky to enjoy sunny warm evening weather, alongside some staff and Trustees. Usually it happens every year, but this is the first time it has happened since 2019 due to the interruption of Covid. The event is one of ScotsCare’s ways of saying thanks to its volunteers.

The boat pulled out from Westminster Pier and made its way west as Trustee David McMurtrie said a few words of thanks for the valuable efforts of the 60 plus volunteers in total that are registered with ScotsCare, especially as they stuck with the charity throughout the pandemic.

He remarked how volunteers help with work at reception, Befriending, social and community events, PGL information days and coffee mornings and that the charity is looking to revive the Tech Buddies scheme with the help of volunteers, as well as create Family Befriending and travel buddies to accompany clients to ScotsCare social events.

“Volunteers don’t only provide an extra pair of hands, they bring a diverse set of skills and experiences, insights, ideas, laughter, positive attitudes and much more. Regardless of how much time they give, we are always grateful.” – David McMurtrie

He concluded by saying how valuable the sense of community that ScotsCare offers, can be in a city like London.

CEO Shona Fleming helped the raffle along and guests were able to chat and admire the famous skyline of London passing by.

Following a turnaround near Fulham the boat travelled back past the houses of Parliament and on east to London Bridge and back to Westminster.







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