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ScotsCare: the charity for Scots in London.

On the ScotsCare podcast our great guests come from all walks of life.

“I stopped jogging because I just felt like I was doing it wrong.”

“The early days that one show were hard and we became famous for these handbrake terms.

“It’s a woman who wanted to murder poppies and turn them into coats.”

Celebrated Scots sharing their stories of life’s journey.

“The day after my husband left I fell in love with where my feet could take me.”

How their stories have shaped them.

“And they said just swim through it send through it they told me later obviously it’s a mini Whirlpool

The ups:

“Now I’ve made it now I wouldn’t have to worry about money.”

And the downs:

“I don’t think I worked for a year after that.

From the everyday:

“Women are more likely to talk about
their emotional well-being to the
extraordinary should you be in a hard
fight and you get taking some injuries
they’re the person that kids ultimately
save your life oh that’s more sense
started following me isn’t ironic
talking about their experiences I was
downstairs first that morning I said
yeah and how it made them who they are
today so a party came down first up one
and he might have been able to join in
my life may have gone a different way
from athletes to actors musicians to
mental health experts writers and
authors entrepreneurs and business men
and women
the Scotts gear podcast has something
for everyone great chat about the ups
and downs of life

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