Team of fundraisers complete CEO Sleepout, raising £15k+ so far!

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Team of fundraisers complete CEO Sleepout, raising £15k+ so far!

A team of 6 slept out at the CEO Sleepout UK on 20th November, raising  a combined £15k+ at the time of writing! The fundraisers braving the cold were Tacklebag MD Paul McFarland, ScotsCare trustee Jessica Cadzow-Collins, CEO Shona Fleming, Rebecca Bains and David C Balden CCM and Matthew McCluskey from the Caledonian Club. The night saw little sleep, but much camaraderie and also featured a talk from ScotsCare client James, who has lived experience. He shared the reality of living on the streets and rehabilitating his life, with the help of services from the likes of ScotsCare.

Unfortunately, many have to sleep rough every night, and without any safe location or guarantee of being undisturbed, as the CEO Sleepout attendees had. After just one night the team felt disorientated and sleep deprived, caused by the cold, sirens and general noise of the city. It’s clear how it can become progressively harder to get out of homelessness, once it becomes more and more regular. That’s where our services step in.

It’s not too late to support the ScotsCare the teams amazing efforts! Please donate here.

For some more photos of the event please see below.

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