Susan's Story

Susan first contacted ScotsCare in 2003, having just moved to London with her three young children, all under the age of five. She’d left Scotland looking for a fresh start for her family after her partner had been sent to prison.

ScotsCare initially supported Susan with training grants that enabled her to attend college and qualify as a beauty therapist. Later on, the whole family engaged fully with our family social events, which provided some much-needed fun for the whole family without any financial burden. During this time, Susan continued to keep in touch with her partner in prison, visiting when she could.

Over the next 13 years Susan worked part time as a beauty therapist to support her young family and continued to receive support from ScotsCare with children’s clothing grants, household grants and children’s activities grants.

In 2017, her partner was released from prison and the family were reunited here in London. Sadly, the reunion didn’t last long, Susan’s partner started to drink heavily and after a domestic abuse incident, her partner was returned to prison.

This was a difficult time for Susan, her hopes of a united family were over, and she was now expecting her fourth child. After the birth of her child, and during an assessment for a financial grant, Susan spoke about her mental health struggles. The client support worker quickly made a referral to our psychotherapy service and Susan went on to receive 12 months of intensive psychotherapy.

With the help of therapy, Susan was able to make some life changing decisions. She ended her relationship with her partner and set about securing a better future for her and her family. With funding from ScotsCare she enrolled on a Psychology Degree and worked part time in an educational setting. After three years of study whilst working and managing her young family of four, Susan graduated with a First-Class honours degree from the University of London. Her long-term goal is to become a teacher.

We will continue to support Susan until she is fully financially independent and are confident that this will happen sooner rather than later!

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