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Sheltered Housing flats become available at Rothesay Court, Lewisham

We currently have 12 flats vacant at our Rothesay Court property in Lewisham, available to Scots in London over 55 years of age or over 50 living with a disablility.

What are the benefits of sheltered housing?

The type of accommodation provided may be smaller and easier to manage than your current home. The development is safe, secure and well maintained with an ongoing improvement program in place.

Sheltered housing has the added security of a sheltered housing officer (SHO) available from Monday to Friday onsite, and a 24-hour 7 day-a-week, alarm call system called Linkline – free to all our sheltered housing residents.

Each resident has their self contained flat, linked by heated corridors, and access to shared facilities such as a common room, laundry or guest room.

If you are eligible (see below) and are looking for a new home, we would like to hear from you.


Allocations are made on a priority system ensuring those most in need receive the housing they require.

Contact us on 0800 652 2989 or email info@scotscare.com to find out more.

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

  • a person born in Scotland, or;
  • the child of a person born in Scotland, or;
  • someone married to a first generation Scot, or;
  • the widow, widower or surviving member of a civil partnership of a person born in Scotland,
  • and living within 35 miles of Charing Cross.


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