King Charles confirms Royal Patronage of ScotsCare

Following the Crown’s review of the Royal Patronages, we are extremely pleased to confirm that His Majesty King Charles III will remain as the Royal Patron of the Royal Scottish Corporation, known in the modern era as ScotsCare.

His Majesty King Charles III continues Queen Elizabeth II’s Patronage, and an unbroken line of Royal support, that extends back to 1665, when his namesake Charles II became our inaugural Patron. The centuries of Royal Patronage for ScotsCare are greatly appreciated.

Today we deliver financial, practical and emotional support through services such as financial grants, advocacy, counselling, sheltered housing, homelessness, social events and volunteering to vulnerable Scots across London.

It is a great honour that ScotsCare is one of the charities that His Majesty continues to support, and a reflection of his interest in charities that make a lasting difference to communities.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to His Majesty and The Royal Family for their continuous support.

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