The rising costs of energy bills

Everyone is concerned about the rising cost of energy, and how they are going to manage the extra expenses. There have been a couple of announcements about available help from the government and one of these is a tax energy rebate. This is a payment almost everyone who pays council tax will receive. You’ll receive this money if you are paying your council tax by direct debit. If you do not pay in this way, please contact your local council to learn how to apply to receive it. Setting up a direct debit is easy, so if you don’t have this already, we suggest you arrange it as soon as possible. You can still be in control of this by specifying the date it’s taken from your bank.

One other useful resource that we have used many times at ScotsCare is SHINE. Seasonal Health Intervention Network (SHINE) – are a fuel poverty referral network that ensures households get the help they need to reduce utility bills, tackle energy debt, and help households stay warm. They can be called on 0300 555 0195 or email, though you don’t have to live in Islington to receive help.

Many of the Utility providers have their own sources of help, so it may be helpful to give them a call and ask if they offer any support. ScotsCare can’t pay your fuel costs but we do want to do to help in these difficult times – we can provide you with information on other sources of help. Call our helpline and ask to speak to the duty worker for more information.

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