Outreach Team Update

In last year’s Winter Update we introduced one of our clients – Liz; who, because of the death of her husband, began drinking heavily, lost her home due to rent arrears and became a rough sleeper. Following the determination of our outreach team to help Liz find independence and improved health and wellbeing, we are pleased to update you on her progress this past year. Liz has attended 4 of 6 nutrition based counselling sessions earmarked for her at our psychology service, to enable her to take better care of her physical health within her budget. Additionally, having lost her teeth, mainly to drug use, Liz has undergone extensive dental work and is now relieved to have dentures. This has increased her self confidence immeasurably. Liz is Glaswegian, and having re-established contact with her family, has decided to return to her hometown. Our outreach team have worked tirelessly with the relevant housing providers in Glasgow, and are pleased to report that there is an agreement in place for her to be housed upon her return. Whilst Liz has achieved major milestones, the past year has not been without great challenges. Her increased confidence has led to some poor decision making around personal and online relationships and dependencies. Our outreach workers have also found it necessary to actively encourage Liz to become more self-reliant ahead of her planned move back to Glasgow. It is important to note that progress is not linear and that success for our clients is subjective. Borderline is committed to supporting Liz until she is self-sufficient and or has successfully moved back to Glasgow with the necessary support in place.

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