More homes for Scots created

Our number of sheltered flats rises from 84 to 96.

The development of a whole new floor at our Rothesay Court housing site in Lewisham is now near completion. From October, we will have a further 12 flats available to tenants. This increases the number of sheltered flats, across our three locations, from 84 to 96.

Our Chief Executive Shona says: “I am pleased that we can now offer more Scots a home to call their own. Thank you to the existing residents at Rothesay Court for their continued patience and support throughout the construction process.”

If you are interested in our housing, please visit our website to apply online. Once we receive your completed application, subject to an assessment, we will add you to our waiting list and will get in touch, when suitable flats become available.

Please note, our housing is in high demand and to be eligible you need to be over 55 years’ old, or over 50 years old and have a disability.


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