ScotsCare and Borderline Merger FAQ's

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Merger FAQs

Why have the two charities merged?

We believe that to best serve our clients a client-focused ‘one-stop shop’ of support services for Scots in need across London is more effective than continuing as two charities. Some clients have received support from both ScotsCare and Borderline and this will simplify their service. Given that the charities already share staff, offices and resources, there will be many efficiencies in operating as one organisation.

Will there be any changes in staff or reduction in services?

No change! All ScotsCare services will remain in place and homelessness will become a core service of ScotsCare. No staff changes will be made, with all Borderline staff remaining in their positions, but with ScotsCare as the employer. Social events, volunteering and the Choir will continue as normal and any services that clients are receiving will continue uninterrupted.

Is there any change in leadership?

There is no change in staff leadership, with Shona Fleming remaining as Chief Executive of ScotsCare.

The boards of ScotsCare and Borderline have combined with members from both charities to form the new ScotsCare board. James Chestnut remains as Chairman of ScotsCare.

What does this mean for day-to-day operations?

Practically speaking it means very little change from a day-to-day perspective, with all agreements, services and operations remaining the same as before, but under the name of ScotsCare. Partner organisations still have exactly the same relationships with us.

I have been a client of Borderline before but not ScotsCare, can I now be a client of ScotsCare?

Yes absolutely, all the services that Borderline offers are now part of ScotsCare, and you can either be a client for homelessness or any of the other ScotsCare services that we offer.

Where will the new merged charity be based?

There is no change in location for ScotsCare, it will remain based at 22 City Road, London, near Old Street, with operations covering the same area of Greater London, (within 35 miles of Charing Cross), for both homelessness and the other services.

Is either organisation in financial difficulty?

Absolutely not.  Unlike many charity mergers, both organisations are in a healthy financial position without merger. This is an opportunity to use combined resources and efficiencies to create a ‘one-stop shop’ for Scots in London, rather than for any financial need.

What happens to my donations?

If you are a current Saltire Donor Club member, please be confident that your valued donations will continue to support our homelessness services.

If you would like to join the Saltire Donor Club, your donations will be used more generally across the range of services, including homelessness, that are provided by ScotsCare. For more information, please contact our Senior Fundraising Officer Jacqueline Walker here

Any donations are greatly appreciated and can be made here.

What happens if I have left a gift in my will to Borderline?

First of all thank you, and secondly you will need to update your will to leave the gift to ScotsCare. You can also stipulate that any gifts left can only be used towards our homelessness service. We recommend you consult a solicitor to advise you, and to find one, please visit the Law Society’s website. You will need the following details:

Royal Scottish Corporation (known as ScotsCare), 22 City Road, London EC1Y 2AJ
Registered charity number 207326 (England and Wales).

How can I stay up to date with homelessness services now that Borderline has closed?

Updates on homelessness can be found in the news and media pages, quarterly newsletters, website and the ScotsCare social media channels here FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn. To subscribe to our newsletters please add your email address here.

Does ScotsCare plan to add any more services beyond homelessness?

There are no plans to add further services at this time, but we will be developing an updated strategy in the coming year.

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