Margaret's story

Margaret’s caseworker discussed our new children’s psychotherapy service, after Margaret mentioned her daughter Sonia was suffering from low mood and withdrawal and a referral was made on her behalf. Within ten days of her referral, Sonia had an appointment to see a Counsellor and is now engaged in weekly sessions.

Mental health problems have increased significantly since the beginning of lockdown. Schools have reported a surge in those seeking support and waiting lists are long – this means only very urgent cases are seen quickly.

Our children’s psychotherapy service can be accessed swiftly, allowing our clients to access support at the time they need it most. Covid-19 has already had such an impact on their education so it’s important we get their mental wellbeing back on track so they can better focus on their education.

Our therapy for children up to the age of 21, is delivered through our partnership with the Brent Centre for Young People.

For more information, please contact our office on 0800 652 2989 or email us

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