John's story

A mind in overdrive

John’s story – A mind in overdrive

John's story

John, originally from Glasgow, contacted ScotsCare to help with a general grant. His fridge had broken, and he wondered if he could get a replacement. After a discussion with a case worker to evaluate any additional needs, the case worker scheduled a visit to John’s flat.

On arrival, John showed our case worker around the flat and they sat down to work through an assessment. It was clear that the flat was in a poor state of repair, and that John could benefit from other financial grants. He needed new carpeting and a new bed amongst other things.

During the case worker’s visit John generally seemed quite agitated. Asking about his mental health, John confided that he worried about bills and but mostly his safety, as he had been robbed and physically assaulted recently.

He shared that he would regularly work himself up, worrying about the worst-case scenarios. Living alone and having few friends, he lacked a support network to discuss his thoughts, causing his anxiety levels to spiral.

John had already been in touch with his GP, who prescribed him antidepressants. Whilst these gave him some solace, calming him slightly, he remained conscious of his anxiety and its impact on his daily life. Consequently, our case worker asked John if he would like to be referred to a counsellor, through our partner Camden Psychotherapy Unit.
After three months of counselling, John reported back to his case worker that he could already see the positive impact on his wellbeing. He expressed that the therapy sessions enabled him to articulate his thoughts and address the anxiety that had previously impacted his overall health.

Many people suffer from anxiety for all sorts of reasons. If John’s story resonates with you, or if you recognise a family member facing similar challenges, please contact our office at or call 0800 652 2989 to speak with a case worker and explore how we can support you.

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