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Single parent Martin lives at home with his three sons Louis, Patrick, and Ivan (aged between 8 and 12). When the children were young, they witnessed their parents’ volatile relationship, exposed to aggression, violence, and their mental health and substance misuse issues. Though social workers have been involved with his family, Martin has been able to continue to look after his boys.

Martin initially contacted the charity for a children’s clothing grant, but as he engaged with the Family Support Worker, it was apparent Martin was feeling overwhelmed. Listening to him, our Family Support Worker drew up a support plan which focused on two core objectives, improving the children’s wellbeing and empowering Martin to feel more in control of his daily life.

With the help of ScotsCare’s children’s activity grants, his kids were able to try new clubs and make new friends, previously financially out of reach for Martin. Over a year later his kids are still involved in their activities, with aspirations of a place in a performing arts school and a specialist sports college respectively. The activity providers have described the boys as friendly, confident, hardworking and a joy to be around.

Martin has been able to recognise and accept that their early experiences have caused them long-lasting harm but has found engaging with children’s services difficult. He consented for our Family Support Worker to attend and advocate on his behalf. Through this the Family Support Worker has been able to connect the multi-agency work involved more effectively and advocate for therapeutic parenting support. She has also attained a better understanding of the thinking behind safeguarding decisions and helped Martin to better understand or challenge them.

In reviewing the progress that’s been made, professional concern for the children has lessened as well as statutory interventions. His boys are better able to regulate their emotions, and though they are still likely to face difficulty in the future, their overall outlook is positive.

For the first time in a long time, Martin feels like his family is moving forward. Martin appreciates ScotsCare for his children’s involvement with activities, and the emotional support they have received, which has gone a long way to transform his family’s day to day experiences.

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