How's your mental health?

Has Coronavirus added extra strain to your wellbeing?

ScotsCare takes the needs of our clients very seriously, and the Coronavirus pandemic might have negatively impacted your quality of life.

Have you experienced isolation, past trauma, or work and financial stress which is harming your mental health?

Clients can be referred to our counselling service provided by our partner Camden Psychotherapy Unit. Do you think you could benefit from speaking to someone? Are you feeling isolated or overwhelmed? Chat with one of our caseworkers about being referred.

One client, Erin, who has received counselling through ScotsCare said, “I was going through a tough time emotionally and I spoke with one of the ScotsCare caseworkers, and they suggested to me that perhaps I could try psychotherapy. Having that space once a week to go and speak with someone else, and kind of offload on them has made me feel better and so that has got to have a knock-on effect of having a benefit to my children.”


Need Our Help?

Were you (or one of your parents) born in Scotland? Do you live in London or the surrounding areas?
If so, and you need help, we are here for you.