Episode 26 - Debi Gliori

Scottish-born children's writer and illustrator

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The first series of the ScotsCare podcast ends with childrens’s writer and illustrator, Debi Gliori, author of over 80 books.

Debi speaks about life and career and a truly heartbreaking story of an ex-forces homeless man she met on the steps of an Edinburgh train station which inspired one of her most famous books.

Debi GlioriTranscript

[Music] Hello, I’m Marcus Railton, and this is the Scotscare podcast. Scotscare is the only charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged Scots in London through a range of support, including mental health therapy, financial grants, advocacy, sheltered housing for older Scots, job coaching, social events, befriending, and support for children and families. The charity has been running for 400 years to help break the cycle of poverty experienced by some Scots in London.

In this series of the Scotscare podcast, I’ll be chatting with celebrities and supporters of the charity who have forged a life, often away from Scotland, and discussing the ups and downs that can bring.




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