Episode 25 - Dr Joanna McMillan

PhD nutrition scientist, dietitian & food futurist

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Top nutritional scientist Dr Joanna McMillan, a Scot that has made a life for herself in Australia, chats with Marcus about the impact of our diet on our moods, health and what we can do to feel better. They talk about the gut brain connection and how it can affect mental health, sleep, digestion, anxiety and so many other things. Listen in for some great guidance, the answer to is coffee bad for us, and how we should also be kind to ourselves.


[Music] Hello, I’m Marcus Railton, and this is the Scotscare podcast. Scotscare is the only charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged Scots in London through a range of support, including mental health therapy, financial grants, advocacy, sheltered housing for older Scots, job coaching, social events, befriending, and support for children and families. The charity has been running for 400 years to help break the cycle of poverty experienced by some Scots in London.

In this series of the Scotscare podcast, I’ll be chatting with celebrities and supporters of the charity who have forged a life, often away from Scotland, and discussing the ups and downs that can bring.

long distance chat with nutritional scientist Dr Joanna MacMillan. Joanna is a well-known name in Australia, and she is the go-to person to chat with to sort out your diet discuss calories and what 



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