Episode 16 - Russell Wardrop

Inspirational business coach

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Russell Wardrop Portrait

[Music] Hello I’m Marcus Railton and this is the Scotscare podcast. Scotscare is the only charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged Scots in London through a range of support including mental health therapy, financial grants, advocacy, sheltered housing for older Scots, job coaching, social events, befriending and support for Children and Families.,

The Charity’s been running for 400 years to help break the cycle of poverty experienced by some Scots.

In this series of the scotscare podcast I’ll be chatting to celebrities and supporters of the charity that have also forged a life in the capital away from home and about the ups and downs that can bring. 

Scotscare: supporting Scots away from home in London.

22 years ago he started a company called Kissing With Confidence teaching professionals and businesses how to sell in that time he has trained over 50,000 people. His company works with forty percent of the UK’s largest law firms the biggest Management consultancy in the world and he’s regularly dealing in business pitches worth hundreds of millions of pounds today will no doubt be a lesson for me about the sharp end of business.
[Music]in need of support Financial practical or emotional help please


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