Borderline and ScotsCare merge

Creating a one-stop shop of client focused services for Scots in London.

ScotsCare has long shared the charitable objective of helping Scots in London alongside our sister charity Borderline (also known as New Borderline). Borderline supports homeless Scots into safe and secure housing, and an independent life away from homelessness. We have a close working relationship with Borderline, sharing offices, staff and resources.

After careful consideration by the Trustees of both charities, we are extremely pleased to inform you that a merger of the two charities has been agreed as the best way to achieve the aims of both charities: a single charity that can use the professional resources of both charities to ensure an economic, effective, and efficient delivery of a one-stop shop and client-focused service for Scots in need across London.

We are pleased to announce that today, 1st April 2023, a merger with Borderline has completed, and that homelessness is now a core service provided by ScotsCare, alongside our existing range of services. There are no plans to change any staffing, operations, location, or allocation of resources for homelessness or other services, and our Scottish Outreach Workers, Patricia and Alex, will continue their work on the front line helping homeless Scots.

We trust that you join us in celebrating the merger of these two wonderful charities.

For any questions concerning the merger please see our merger FAQs page, or email

ScotsCare and Borderline merge

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