A worry shared is a worry halved

A worry shared is a worry halved

Jennifer is a young single mum of three children, all under ten, living in a two bedroom flat. Like many parents, she found the added pressures of the Covid-19 period hard to cope with. She could see the impact this was having on her family, with her eldest son suffering from anxiety and fearful of the world and going to school.

Household bills were increasing, due to being at home most of the time, leading her to borrow more money, which led to debt collectors chasing her. Jennifer’s flat was also in disrepair, which on top of everything else, compounded her stress. Jennifer also shared that she was still struggling to get over the death of her mother in 2019, often feeling tearful.

After contacting our office, she spoke with a Client Support Worker, who listened, and advised Jennifer on how ScotsCare could help her. We referred her to a debt management charity, which helped her get on top of credit issues, giving her some breathing space. We also offered her referral to our counselling partner (CPU), which she was happy to accept.

The counselling gave Jennifer the tools she needed to help her start to manage again. Her children, seeing their mum less stressed, also seemed happier and more involved in school, with her eldest now looking forward to attending. Our Client Support Worker continues to check in with Jennifer to see how she and her family are doing.

If Jennifer’s story resonates with you, please contact our office at info@scotscare.com or call 0800 652 2989 to speak with a case worker and explore how we can support you.

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