What's it like to be a Befriender?

November 1st – 5th is Befriending Week, where we celebrate the invaluable service our Befriender Blether Buddies give by regularly chatting to some of our more isolated clients. We caught up with Neil about what he and his buddy get from a blether.


Why did you want to volunteer for ScotsCare?

To provide support to kindred spirits from my homeland of Scotland.

Do you feel you get more out of your volunteer experience as it meant you were able to support other Scots?

Yes definitely.

How have you personally benefitted from the experience?

I have found it very rewarding to become a small part of someone’s life and support network –  and to build on
the common bond between us that is Scotland.

What do you think your befriendee gets out of the relationship? Have you seen a change in them since you have been their befriendee?

Companionship and the chance to articulate the issues which they are encountering currently and discuss with a friendly and impartial person.

I have witnessed a much more positive approach to life from my current befriendee as he has faced up to his many medical conditions and confronted them.

Do you think that the isolating impact of Covid-19 has made your befriending even more important to your befriendee?

Definitely – to help the befriendee deal with the isolation and solitude which the pandemic brought on for a long period of time.

Would you recommend this to others? If so, what would you say to them?

Of course I would. A great opportunity to provide support, regular communication and friendship to a befriendee which gives immense personal satisfaction.

What is ScotsCare like to volunteer for?

An extremely well run and well funded organisation which remains very true to its long established legacy of helping worthy Scots in London.

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