A message from Future Pathways as it turns 5

Thinking back to our start, much has been learned. We were set up to coordinate support for adults who experienced abuse or neglect as children in care in Scotland, wherever they may be living now.

When we opened in 2016, some thought survivors would be reticent about coming forwards and we expected that just a few hundred people would use the service. Five years on however, and nearly two thousand have registered.

We know from the feedback we receive and continuing ‘word of mouth’ referrals that Future Pathways is seen as trustworthy, valued support. There has been some waiting time for people because of the unexpected demand and we’re enormously grateful for people’s patience.

Building trust and identifying the right supports also takes time. We work with people whose lives are impacted by poor physical and/or mental health, inappropriate housing, poverty, and addiction is frequently reported. Another challenge has been helping people access support from other services, which some survivors find understandably hard to trust.

People tell us they hugely value the relationships they build with our support coordination teams and being able to have choice and control over their support. Consequently, it is almost always possible to for us to help them to some degree. For example: psychological support, counselling, physical therapies, record searches, support work, and help with mobility, travel, home security and comfort, access to education, and health and fitness.

We now know for certain that services working in collaboration to deliver the right supports at the right time, helps people to improve their lives. We have worked with more than 1,300 . people to progress their hopes and aspirations for the future.

To find out more please visit www.future-pathways.co.uk

To register call 0808 164 2005


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