Our Vision

Our vision is to break the cycle of deprivation experienced by generation after generation of Scots in London.
How we help

Breaking the Cycle

This film is a brief glimpse of how we help and support Scots and their families in London.

Our clients fall into the following categories:

Each group has differing needs so our support and services are targeted at their specific situations (although they do at times overlap)

Children & Families

Older People

Working Age Adults

Our Impact

We provide comprehensive support for all first and second generation Scots and their children in and around Greater London.

The number of grants offered by the Client Support team over the past year:

Chart by Visualizer
  • Children 335
  • Adults 472

Our clients have their say

To help us plan and develop our services we ask for feedback from our clients. This enables us to gauge their needs and satisfaction levels with the support and services we offer.

Our most recent client survey shows that:


of clients said the knowledge and competence of ScotsCare staff was excellent


of clients were satisfied or very satisfied with the time taken to deliver services


of clients were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience of ScotsCare's services


of respondants were applying for support for the second time or more

Our History

We are a modern 21st century organisation with a 400 year-old history of helping out Scots, and the children of Scots, in London.

We’re finding that the need for our support has never been greater.