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We are a London-based charity committed to helping Scots and their families who need assistance, helping to make a difference in the lives of Scottish people in the Greater London area.

ScotsCare has undergone a transformation from originally being a grant giving charity to an organisation offering clients comprehensive services that include advocacy, psychotherapy, help with substance abuse, debt management, job-seeking assistance, sheltered housing, social events and volunteering opportunities, as well as financial grants for those in need, including for education and training.

About ScotsCare

ScotsCare is the trading name of The Royal Scottish Corporation, the working name of The Scottish Hospital of the Foundation of King Charles II, which was set up by successful Scotsmen to help those from their home country who had fallen on hard times. It is the oldest Scottish charity operating outside Scotland and was granted a Royal Charter in 1665.

The charity had evolved from an earlier mutual-aid society or ‘box club’ for London Scots called the ‘Scots Box’. This was designed to help impoverished Scots in the capital who were not entitled to Parish poor relief, and in funding the burial of poor Scots during the Plague. From this foundation, ScotsCare evolved.

About the Trustees

This is a voluntary role, although expenses can be paid.  Our Trustees serve for a three-year term but can seek re-election at the end of this period. As a Trustee you would need to be able to attend four Committee of Management meetings per year, two away days and four quarterly sub-committee meetings. These meetings are mostly held at our office in 22 City Road, London EC1Y 2AJ, or in another central London location.

We are seeking to broaden the professional experience of Trustees

Becoming a Trustee

We caught up with ScotsCare Trustee David McMurtrie, to chat about how he came to ScotsCare and how the reality has compared with expectations.

For informal discussion about prospective trustee roles, please email us on,
or call on 020 7240 3718 for more information.

Alternatively, a full description of the role of a Trustee can be downloaded below.