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History of ScotsCare

We have a proud history of helping Scots for over 400 years.

The original Scots Box inscription

In 1603, the Union of the crowns and the events which followed brought many Scots to London.

However, Scots coming to the English capital found that they were not entitled to Parish relief if they fell ill, were orphaned, disabled or became frail and infirm in their later years.

The Royal Scottish Corporation (now ScotsCare) was set up by successful Scots to help those from their home country who had fallen on hard times. It is the oldest Scottish charity operating outside Scotland and was granted a royal charter in 1665.

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400 Years of History: The Scots Box

400 Years of History: The Scots Box

Posted in History blog on 07/05/14

In the early years of the 17th century successful Scottish merchants and craftsmen meeting in London would put regular contributions into a Scots Box as a form of mutual aid insurance. The fund later became a charity known as the Royal Scottish Corporation and, from 2005, as ScotsCare.

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