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Our client services support three groups – children and families, older people, and working age adults

We help Scots

who are in need of emotional, financial and practical assistance


is here to help and support Scots and their families across London

The ScotsCare podcast interviews people with Scottish roots of all backgrounds, from actors to athletes, businesspeople to a recovering heroin addict and soldiers to singers, even the successful have been through hard times. What have they learnt along the way? Grab a cup of tea and dive in here…

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Children awarded clothing grants

Total number of grants awarded

In advocacy supported backpayments awarded over last 5 years to 90 clients

Household grants awarded

Counselling sessions offered

Our focus is on making it easier for our clients to access our services.

*These figures represent clients we have supported over the past financial year.

Supporting Scots in London

Our film is a glimpse into some of the experiences our clients encounter and the services we have provided for them to help improve their personal circumstances. Some of the services highlighted in the film include counselling, financial grants, social events and sheltered housing.

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Susan’s Story

Susan contacted ScotsCare, having just moved to London with her three young children. She’d left Scotland looking for a fresh start for her family after her partner had been sent to prison.

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